2017  Application  

Thanks for your interest in RISE UP: BE HEARD 2017! Scroll down to read important details about this year's program, see our eligibility guidelines, and complete your online application.


RISE UP: BE HEARD is FUSION's platform for community-health reporting by young people (ages 18-24) living in California's most underserved communities, made possible by a partnership with THE CALIFORNIA ENDOWMENT.

This year, Fusion will be selecting and hiring 10 young people for an intensive summer journalism training, mentorship and reporting experience. Each participant will work closely with Fusion editorial advisers as they produce and publish a series of multimedia stories about some of the most pressing health and justice issues facing their communities, with a focus on topics related to health care access and immigration.

Our goal? To empower the next generation of community leaders and influencers by providing journalism instruction, access to media production tools, and a publishing platform to share their stories and amplify voices from their communities.


Participants will be expected to produce two stories per month during the peak program months of June–August, and attend several mandatory group meetings and events in the late spring and fall. During the summer, participants should expect to spend 20 hours-per-week working on their reporting assignments.

Participants will be compensated up to $6,000 for completing assignments and attending required program trainings and events. Occasional travel is required, with all expenses covered by FUSION. This year we will be putting a special focus on mobile video, and participants will receive mobile video production tools, courtesy of FUSION and THE CALIFORNIA ENDOWMENT.

Note: The application deadline is SUNDAY, APRIL 23rd, 2017. 

You will need to complete all items on the checklist below for your application to be accepted: 

1.   Complete the online questionnaire
2.   Pitch a community health story idea
3.   Upload a copy of your resume 
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Do you have any prior experience with media production or journalism (writing, photography, video, audio)? *

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Do you have any experience being involved in community issues, as an advocate, activist, or organizer? *

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In your opinion, what is the biggest health challenge facing your community at this moment? Why? *

Have you or anyone in your immediate circle of family and friends been directly impacted by this issue? *

How? (Optional)

Which of the following skills do you feel the most confident about? Please rank from 1 (least confident) to 4 (most confident):

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Which skills do you most want to improve or learn? Rate on a scale of 1 (least interest) to 4 (most interest):

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What do your friends say you are great at? *

Is there anything else you would like us to know about that makes you a strong candidate for this fellowship? (250 words or less, please)

Please tell us about a community-health topic that you would love to report on if given the opportunity to take part in this program.  Describe the issue, tell us why it matters to you and why it should matter to others, and how you would go about reporting and producing a story on this topic. (500 words or less) 

A few suggestions:
- Think about whose voices you would want to be heard, and what type(s) of media you would want to use to tell your story: video, photos, writing, etc.
- Don’t be afraid to think outside the box. How might you tell your story in a new or exciting way?
- Might your story include a solution, as well as a problem? Are there people in your community doing amazing work to solve the community health problem you’ve identified? 
Upload a copy of your resume, including any relevant volunteer experience. If you have links to any work samples you would like us to see, please include them at the end of your resume. If you don’t have work samples, don’t worry -- they are not required. (Note: If you have trouble uploading your resume, you can email it to us at: riseupbeheard@fusion.net)

Thank you for applying!

We will be reviewing and informing applicants in the coming weeks.

If you have questions or concerns about your submitted application, please feel free to contact us at: riseupbeheard@fusion.net